The Authenticity Code™: Executive Presence and Presentation Skills Program

One of the most requested programs that Inside-Out Learning has created addresses the importance of Executive Presence and Presentation skills. There are 12 different modules that are customized for each client. The proven successful modules can be delivered in an intensive week long program or select modules in one- to two-day programs. This customized program has helped major corporations sell billions of dollars in combined revenue, and assisted hundreds of executives in receiving promotions.

Everyday all over the country, IOL leads intimate training sessions like the one pictured here. IOL also specializes in medium and large size training sessions and is known for their effective trainer-to-student ratio.

The Authenticity Code™: Executive Presence and Presentation Skills Program Executive Summary:

  • Purpose: To teach effective executive presence, communication, and presentations skills.
  • Motivation: To increase participants’ opportunity for promotion by more than 26% and improve your Leadership Competency scores.
  • Action: Use the tools to excel as a leader, be more influential, and make sure Senior Leadership is happy.
  • Program Focus Areas:
  1. Executive Presence in Presentations
    • Know your Audience
    • Being Authentic as a Presenter
    • Formula for Presentation Success
      • Create a clear, concise presentation / Chart Creation: “Verbal-Vocal- Visual”
      • Read and Respond to the Audience
  2. Build Overall Executive Presence in Overall Communications
    • Being Authentic and Knowing/Being your Brand
    • Executive Presence Qualities linked to your company’s desired Leadership Competencies
    • Executive Image & Etiquette
    • Being Politically Savvy & Influential Executive Communication

This program includes: One-on-one coaching meetings with an Inside-Out Learning consultant, benchmark video, one of our signature programs, and video review feedback. Our signature program is a five-day program, and can be customized in two- to three-day programs, based on your specific needs. Don’t forget to ask about our special one-day program that trains executive assistants, Chief of Staff personnel, and other support analysts who support you in chart creation of your presentations.

See what people are saying about our program, The Authenticity Code™

One of the best workshops I have ever been to!
Polished my body language communication
Broadened my awareness of executive presence
I learned how to influence at a completely new level
Intensified my confidence level
Expanded my ability to create compelling visuals
Strengthened my abilities to understand the needs of my audience
This class — I would love for everyone to go through it – my leads – who present a lot. Customers, peer leads, first line managers. Why this is so important is you need to give some preface and background and this class teaches you how to do that.
You hit a Home Run!! Totally Awesome!!
Loved how the program was structured
Our customers said that our presentation ‘hit the ball out of the park’
Staff was GREAT – dedicated and there for us – staff was wonderful to deal with – how much you all cared and personal energy

Your Executive Brand

In order to become the executive you were born to be, you need to understand what your executive brand is and how you want the world to view you as a leader. This program helps you to develop your corporate image to make sure it is in line with your career aspirations – in the leader you are becoming. Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman developed this transformative exercise for all leaders knowing that we share the same knowledge: someday we will retire from our existing company/job. Prior to retiring it is important to connect with your unique brand as a leader. We each have a unique calling. Inside-Out Learning, defines leadership as “Our most powerful way of adding value by expressing your unique gifts and talents.” This exercise helps you to define just that. At the end of this exercise you will know your most powerful way of adding value by expressing your most unique gifts and talents. It is the leader you are becoming. Before you go into any meeting, or event, consider your executive brand statement. Show up and be this leader. We recommend reading your executive brand statement daily as the more you do, the more you become the executive you were born to be. Take your next step – Call us today, 480-822-9939.

Building Executive Intuitive Intelligence

In today’s turbulent business environment, where your competition can render products and services obsolete overnight, it is critical that leaders know how to hear and listen to their intuition as they may not have the time to collect all the data required to make the best decision in any given situation. Leaders who trust their guts demonstrate the critical executive presence quality of confidence and gain others respect. This program helps you to build your intuitive intelligence and use it. It can be a one- to two-hour presentation or a full one-day program.

Being Politically Savvy

In order to get ahead in today’s society you need to have the ability to strategically navigate the workforce. The ‘Being Politically Savvy’ program offers you the tools to effectively influence, persuade, and negotiate with your presence and ability to communicate at a top executive level. We have a quiz that helps you assess just how politically savvy you currently are and tools that help you influence with power, authority, and respect. This program can be tailored as a two-hour module or a full one-day program.

Health and Wellness

Inside-Out Learning collaborates with health and wellness providers by taking The Authenticity Code™ program and reducing stress in individuals. We have found that becoming more authentic as a leader helps to achieve a sense of overall well-being. Past participants have shared that The Authenticity Code™ has resulted in an overall increase in health. This rise in their well-being stems from them becoming motivated from a place of their purpose.

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Executive Presence Programs Testimonials:

I want to acknowledge what a great presentation you gave to Scottsdale Leadership’s Community Trusteeship day. I seem to allow so little time for personal reflection, and you gifted us with the time and the means to create a positive affirmation to live by. The word ‘creativity’ popped up during the exercise, and I’ve made a promise to myself to pursue that facet I’ve buried the last few years. Again, thanks for a very effective enlightening presentation.
– Katherine, Arizona Leader
I wanted to share with you that the presentation I did thru your class made it to the end zone…if you remember, it was a presentation to congress to persuade them to move money from another account/program to our program…well…congress did exactly that this year…without our customer asking for it…which is huge. We have great congressional support and now our customer is working to get us another satellite on contract the first part of this year.
~ Senior Executive ~ Fortune 30 Company
I just wanted to let you know the briefing/demo was held today and we rocked it. My closing of the Executive summary hour was #BOOM caliber. So glad I invested the time in your class. More feedback from a Navy Captain that was in the room – really good presentation – he was so focused on my presentation he forgot to take notes – very unlike him. Another government person was going to leave after 30 minutes for another meeting he “had” to be in… stayed for the whole hour. This presentation could result in a ½ Billion dollar program for the company, and our foot in the door for several more.
~ Director ~ Fortune 30 Company
Great class! While this class was great for us as leaders, I believe younger engineers and managers would also greatly benefit. Why wait until a person has 5 to 10 years of work left when you can train them and reap the benefit for 20-30 years with these skills.
 ~ Director ~ Fortune 30 Aerospace Company

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