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The Authenticity Code™: Executive Presence and Presentation Skills

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One of the most requested programs that Inside-Out Learning has created addresses the importance of Executive Presence and Presentation skills. There are 12 different modules that are customized for each client. The proven successful modules can be delivered in an intensive weeklong program or select modules in one- to two-day programs. This customized program has helped major corporations sell billions of dollars in combined revenue, and assisted hundreds of executives in receiving promotions.

Your Executive Brand

In order to become the executive you were born to be, you need to understand what your executive brand is and how you want the world to view you as a leader. This program helps you to develop your corporate image to make sure it is in line with your career aspirations – in the leader you are becoming.

Building Executive Intuitive Intelligence

In today’s turbulent business environment, where your competition can render products and services obsolete overnight, it is critical that leaders know how to hear and listen to their intuition as they may not have the time to collect all the data required to make the best decision in any given situation. Leaders who trust their guts demonstrate the critical executive presence quality of confidence and gain others respect. This program helps you to build your intuitive intelligence and use it. It can be a one- to two-hour presentation or a full one-day program.

Being Politically Savvy

In order to get ahead in today’s society, you need to have the ability to strategically navigate the workforce. The ‘Being Politically Savvy’ program offers you the tools to effectively influence, persuade, and negotiate with your presence and ability to communicate at a top executive level. We have a quiz that helps you assess just how politically savvy you currently are tools that help you influence with power, authority, and respect. This program can be tailored as a two-hour module or a full one-day program.

Start your New Team Engine – Team Development

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Inside-Out Learning, Inc. has a variety of team building and team development programs and specific ways of measuring team effectiveness including a high performing team survey to measure progress. We help you to identify the key philosophy that runs you as a team and transform it to an engine that you want to run you. Team Development programs vary in length, and can include such modules as the following and are customized based on what your specific team most needs:

  • Identifying and if necessary, transform your team engine philosophy
  • Key tools for operating as a high performing team
  • Effective conflict management
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Mindful team communication tools
  • A variety of fun teambuilding activities
  • High performing team survey
  • Future team success criteria
  • Mission, vision, strategy
  • Understanding one another as team members
  • How to maximize team strengths and minimize team blindspots

Enhancing Customer Relationships

This program helps leaders and professionals who have regular interactions with your key customers to connect with and care for their customers in a way that provides a competitive advantage for your company. This program is a three-day program and can be customized to one- to two-day programs with the key modules your business needs. We customize this program to your unique customer relationships, and have modules such as:

  • Linking effective customer relationships to your company’s strategic objectives
  • Walking in your customer’s shoes
  • The importance of knowing your audience and your customer
  • The impact of cultural differences in customer relationships
  • Effective networking with your customers
  • Contracting expectations with your customer
  • Stopping the blame game
  • Active Listening Tools
  • Conflict Resolution Tools
  • Effective Resolution of Win-Win agreements
  • How to respectfully say no to your customer

Using Myers-Briggs in Business

The MBTI is the most valid and reliable and most widely used personality assessment in business worldwide today. This tool helps leaders understand their personality preferences and the reason they operate as they do. It also helps teams know their “team type” with their corresponding team strengths and blind spots with action steps of how to best manage the team’s blind spots. Our Myers Briggs Programs can range from two- to four- to eight-hour sessions.

  • Individual Assessment
  • Team Building & Team Assessment
  • Work Style (Co-workers)
  • Conflict Management
  • Tailor your message to your audience

Manage Stress Before it Manages You

It is no secret leaders are busy people. Learn more about what stress is, how it impacts individuals and our companies as well as simple and powerful tools to manage it. A U.N. report calls job stress a 21st Century epidemic that costs American Industry $400-500 Billion Annually. Too much stress can negatively impact the individual leader as well as personal, professional, team, and customer relationships and must learn to be managed. This program can be customized as a two-hour presentation or full one-day program, based on the organizations needs.

IOL Transformative 360 Process

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Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman has received prestigious awards from The Center for Creative Leadership and The Academy of Human Resource Development for her work and research on what facilitates transformation, as well as the model she developed through her dissertation research at Columbia University. She used this important groundbreaking research to design Inside-Out Learning’s transformative 360 process that clients consistently say, “is the absolute best and most valuable 360 that they ever received!”

Award-Winning Executive Coaching Program

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Inside-Out Learning has a cadre of master executive coaches who help executives go to their next level by becoming the executive they were born to be.

Overachiever’s Anonymous™ Program

Overachiever’s Anonymous™ is our 7-Step Program can help you reduce stress and unleash your creative genius. If you are one of the 3 out of 4 people in our country that consider themselves a stressed-out overachiever, and would like to create a more passionate, purpose-driven life by replacing a “produce at any cost” mentality with a “joyful purpose centered” one, our seven principles may be the answer for you. We can help you unleash your creative genius and create more balance in your life by integrating these seven principles.


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It is always a pleasure for me to work with Dr. Sharon Lamm on executive development and action learning projects. She is very professional and brings considerable experience to Leadership Coaching and group facilitation projects. Most importantly she establishes a high level of trust with clients and produces results.
~ Professor Lyle Yorks, Columbia University
The program was terrific, It has been barely two short weeks since you presented but the office has already changed. Interpersonal communication level has increased, morale has gone up and tensions are practically non-existent. It feels good to come to work. There is a good mix of harmony and energy that I have never felt before here.
~ Kim Cooley, Main Line Chamber of Commerce, PA
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