Our executive coaching philosophy is that a coach acts as a guide to provide the ideal combination of support and challenge for our clients to achieve leadership development goals and become the executives they were born to be. There are 3 critical success factors for an effective coaching engagement: first the individual needs to be willing and ready to grow; second the coach needs to have the right rapport with the client in order to build and facilitate a successful customized program; and third the client’s organization has to provide a supportive environment for the individual to achieve his/her goals. To have lasting change, the individual’s boss provides input on the coaching plan and ongoing feedback for the individual.


Achieving The Transformation

diagramInside-Out Learning helps you to design a coaching program so that you and the leaders and executives at your company feel it is a positive opportunity to achieve specific development goals. We have an award-winning transformative model we use to help our coaching clients have lasting change. The Center for Creative Leadership gave Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman the distinguished Walter F. Ulmer Applied Research Award for her work and research on facilitating leadership transformation.

Preferred Coaching Program

In addition to individual coaching engagements with executives and high potentials we also offer to design a Preferred Coach Program customized for your company. We find out the type of leadership behaviors, values and competencies that are desired and expected at your company. We design our coaching to reinforce these desired behaviors and culture. Inside-Out Learning helps you to define guidelines for coaching engagements at your company. We also provide a list of interview questions as well as a list of our top 10 to 20 world-renowned coaches. Executives and leaders can choose 3 coaches they are most interested in based on their background. The executive and each of the potential coaches meet by phone for the coaches to answer the interview questions. The executive then makes the decision of which coach they would like to work with.

Executive Coaching Components

Our executive coaching includes a number of components, including Inside-Out Learning’s transformative 360 assessment, creating and implementing a development plan, weekly or biweekly coaching sessions, shadow observation days, recommendation on training programs and books, optional presentation videotaping and review with feedback, and other world renowned leadership assessments such as “The Myers Briggs Type Indicator.”

Typical Executive Coaching Practices

Typical coaching candidates are often either an executive who you want to go to the next level or a high potential professional who you want to take into management. Coaching candidates may also be transitioning to a new job or you want them to grow within their current level. On average the length of executive coaching relationships are approximately 1 year. Sometimes coaching relationships can go shorter or longer based on the individual’s needs. We recommend starting with a leaders and executives who are preparing for the next level. It is better to be proactively developing an individual consistent with his or her identified succession plans than reactively helping someone recover, from not being ready.

Virtual Coaching Tools

We have the ability to do “WebEx” with videoconference, so our clients can be in different states or countries and we can still see documents and one another. We design the coaching engagement to fit the individual, some prefer just the phone; others prefer video conferencing or face to face. With qualified exceptional coaches around the world, we can accommodate to your preferred mode of communication. We also have a database where each of our clients and coaches can put confidential documents, key messages to one another and record milestones. Only the coach and client have access to this database.


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My coaching relationship with Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman has helped me with my time management skills, presentation skills, and working across, up and down organizational lines to maneuver through politically tough issues and conflicting priorities at very high levels. I have improved in my confidence, courage and ability to lead change at the Divisional level of an organization. The feedback I received from my peers and upper management through the 360 process has been invaluable in helping me develop my own leadership skills, setting priorities and in the development of execution plans that align with the needs of the business. I recently was promoted to Vice President for which I am so grateful.
~ Vice President, Fortune 30 Aerospace Company
The Leadership Coaching process is excellent and has been extremely valuable to me as an Executive. It has provided the 360 feedback needed to become a much better leader for the company. Without the coaching, I would not have been able to improve my skills within the same time frame. Specifically, I have improved my ability to lead in a more collaborative and effective style. Sharon has provided guidance when critical situations have arisen. She has pointed me to excellent training opportunities. She has provided insight on how I am perceived as a leader and coached me through improvement. My transition to a new leadership role will be much more successful and provide more value to the company due to her coaching.
~ Executive, Fortune 30 Aerospace Company
I hold Dr. Sharon Lamm in the highest regard. I have been a Senior Human Resources Executive my entire career (except for the professional basketball player part) and I believe that she is the most talented Executive Coach/Leadership Development Consultant that I have come across. That’s saying something!
~ Kevin Mullin, CEO LEAP Executive Consulting, Inc.
Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman has provided executive coaching to me for a number of years and what I have gained from her coaching has crystalized my thinking in several areas that go beyond business to included ethics, values and family life. Specifically, she helped me identify my passionate calling; in other words ‘why am I here?’ and ‘what do I want out all this’. Many of us go from job-to-job or movements within our careers never knowing what our “calling” is. I was one of those people. As it turned out, I actually did know, it was buried within me – Dr. Sharon is the one who helped me identify it and manifest it. In addition, we as executives and leaders rely heavily on interactions with others; Dr. Sharon has coached me successfully on how to get the best results from those interactions. It is my honor to give my highest recommendation to Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman of Inside-Out Learning.
~ Jim Meier, VP Greenwich AeroGroup
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