IOL Transformative 360 Process

Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman has received prestigious awards from The Center for Creative Leadership and The Academy of Human Resource Development for her work and research on what facilitates transformation, as well as the model she developed through her dissertation research at Columbia University. She used this important groundbreaking research to design Inside Out Learning’s transformative 360 process that clients consistently say, “is the absolute best and most valuable 360 that they ever received!”

The 360 process can be conducted on:

An Individual High-Potential Manager, Executive, Vice President, President, or CEO – interviewing their key senior leadership, peers, direct reports, skip levels, customers, and suppliers – and sometimes even family members – to determine the individuals’ greatest strengths and development areas. A verbal 360 with customized questions, allows for specific details and suggestions for improvement versus a written 360 that may say, for example, that someone needs to develop in listening. A verbal 360 will uncover what type of listening, examples of where listening could have been better, and suggestions for what the individual could do differently to improve in listening.

A team 360 – where individual team member and team customers are interviewed on what the team is doing well and what the team could do differently to be even more effective. Specific customized interview questions will reveal the inner workings and root causes of key team issues that the team may be experiencing.

An organizational 360 – where key members of the organization across levels are interviewed about the health of the organization. Organizational strengths and improvement areas are identified, along with key suggested actions to take to achieve lasting organizational change and transformation. This is often a key component to start with for any organizational change initiative as it uncovers root cause areas to tackle prior to beginning a major change process.

A supplier/customer 360 – Many times a supplier/customer relationship can involve tensions and yet they must work together to accomplish key business goals. A 360 assessment can be conducted on both sides of the relationship to identify the key areas to focus for relationship and program/project execution improvement. This can often proceed a team development program so that the program can be customized around key prioritized improvement areas (click to start your team engine on page four of this document) – it is under the management of professional, team, and customer relationship area.

A customer 360 – Inside Out Learning’s signature 360 that has transformed key customer relationships. Our clients have kept key customers that they once thought they would lose, expanded business with existing customers, and obtained new business they never thought possible through our customer 360 process. Here Inside Out Learning interviews your key customers and learns about their needs, expectations, and desires. This is invaluable information to help you target your behaviors, actions, and beliefs to provide the highest degree of service to your key customers. Basically, this process improves your company bottom line and has resulted in higher award fees and more business for all of our clients.

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Testimonials for IOL Transformative 360 process:

This is the most thorough and valuable 360 that I have ever received. I now know how others see me and can do something about it. I now have a coaching development plan to address my key development areas and strengthen my key leadership strengths.
~ Vice President, Fortune 30 Company
The supplier/customer 360 that Dr. Lamm-Hartman did for us and the corresponding team development program continues to transform our supplier/customer relationship from one of high tension and struggle to one that is working better than any of us expected. As a result we can provide superior service to our end customer and protect the national security of our country.
~ Fortune 100 Company
The feedback I received from my peers and upper management through Dr. Sharon’s 360 process has been invaluable in helping me develop my own leadership skills, setting priorities and in the development of execution plans that align with the needs of the business. I recently was promoted to Vice President for which I am so grateful.
~ Vice President, Fortune 30 Aerospace Company
Our key customer gave us an increased award fee score on our program this quarter because they felt heard and cared for through Inside Out Learning’s customer 360 assessment. This was a direct improved impact to our bottom line and fostered a much improved customer relationship which also led to more work in the future.
~ Classified Client

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