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I have already seen some significant changes in the past participants of Inside-Out Learning Inc.’s Executive Presence and Presentation Skills Program.
~ President, Fortune 30 Aerospace Company
My coaching relationship with Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman has helped me with my time management skills, presentation skills, and working across, up and down organizational lines to maneuver through politically tough issues and conflicting priorities at very high levels. I have improved in my confidence, courage and ability to lead change at the Divisional level of an organization. The feedback I received from my peers and upper management through the 360 process has been invaluable in helping me develop my own leadership skills, setting priorities and in the development of execution plans that align with the needs of the business. I recently was promoted to Vice President for which I am so grateful.
~ Vice President, Fortune 30 Company
I just wanted to let you know the briefing/demo was held today and we rocked it. My closing of the Executive summary hour was #BOOM caliber. So glad I invested the time in your class. More feedback from a Navy Captain that was in the room – really good presentation – he was so focused on my presentation he forgot to take notes – very unlike him. Another government person was going to leave after 30 minutes for another meeting he “had” to be in… stayed for the whole hour. This presentation could result in a half-billion dollar program for the company, and our foot in the door for several more.
~ Director, Fortune 30 Aerospace Company
The program was terrific, it has been barely two short weeks since you presented but the office has already changed. Interpersonal communication level has increased, morale has gone up and tensions are practically non-existent. It feels good to come to work. There is a good mix of harmony and energy that I have never felt before here.
~ Kim Cooley, Main Line Chamber of Commerce, PA
It is always a pleasure for me to work with Dr. Sharon Lamm on executive development and action learning projects. She is very professional and brings considerable experience to Leadership Coaching and group facilitation projects. Most importantly she establishes a high level of trust with clients and produces results.
~ Professor Lyle Yorks, Columbia University
I use the executive presence formula with my team for each presentation that we do.
~ Vice President, Fortune 30 Company
I wanted to share with you that the presentation I did thru your class made it to the end zone…if you remember, it was a presentation to congress to persuade them to move money from another account/program to our program…well…congress did exactly that this year…without our customer asking for it…which is huge. We have great congressional support and now our customer is working to get us another satellite on contract the first part of this year.
~Senior Executive, Fortune 30 Aerospace Company
I want to acknowledge what a great presentation you gave to Scottsdale Leadership’s Community Trusteeship day. I seem to allow so little time for personal reflection, and you gifted us with the time and the means to create a positive affirmation to live by. The word ‘creativity’ popped up during the exercise, and I’ve made a promise to myself to pursue that facet I’ve buried the last few years. Again, thanks for a very effective enlightening presentation.
~ Katherine, Arizona Leader
I’m writing to let you know what a success your workshop was at our professional development conference “Focus on Educating Ourselves to Strengthen Our Workplace Relations and Enhance Our Support Skills”. The attendees feedback was overwhelmingly positive. They found your presentation to be informative, relaxing, enjoyable and practical. Based on your presentation, several of the participants have already requested an extended workshop on your topic. Please feel free to use me as a professional reference and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.
~ Riva Kadar, The New School
I have not been able to make much progress with my leadership development – until I started to work with Dr Sharon Lamm-Hartman. I have been able to transform from a robotic leader that stressed employees out through unrealistic demands to a leader that people really like to work for (some even say love to work for). The impossible is possible if you have the right coach and commit to inside out learning.
~ Vice President, Fortune 30 Company

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